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Purchase a legitimate driver's license from the EU, UK, Canada, or the United States. Purchase European drivers licenses, acquire residence permits, obtain passports and ID cards, including diplomatic passports. We offer a range of options such as German driver's licenses, Dutch ID cards, and UK licenses. Purchase a driving license, obtain a European driving license, acquire an international driving licence, regain your revoked licence. Purchase a boat license and acquire a hunting license, ship license and more.

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We specialize in assisting individuals in need of authentic or replicated documents. We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering secure and sustainable solutions to address your challenges, without questioning your reasons for purchasing. 


Often overlooked, documents prove their worth when you encounter a challenging situation or risk losing them. That’s when you realize the significant influence they have on your life, motivating you to thoroughly investigate every option in your quest for a professional who can create a customized document for you. At Genuine Documents, we offer our services to anyone as a reliable partner in the field of documentation


Have you ever been enamored with the intricate details found on genuine documents, such as special materials, holograms, and numerical codes? These features are a testament to their authenticity and are essential to our expertise. We take great pride in creating impeccable replicas that are expertly crafted to perfectly mimic the authentic product for:

  1. Passports. Embrace recognized citizenship! Our passports are designed to help you overcome identity and nationality challenges.
  1. Identification documents(ID Cards). Embrace a new identity for personal purposes or achieve a clean slate with a legally registered counterfeit document. Our IDs provide you with the opportunity to completely transform your identity.
  1. Obtaining driving licenses. Get behind the wheel of that vehicle with our Canadian drivers license, US driver’s licenses, UK Drivers license and EU drivers license. Alternatively, you can use one for identification purposes.
  1. Residence permits. When you discover a new place that captivates you, choose a document that grants you the legal right to call it your home.


Steps to Order a Driver's License

Canadian drivers license legally registered with the Genuine Documents Center. When you order for example, an original Canadian drivers license from us, the details are what make the process distinctive. For further clarification, it is important to determine the specific category of driving license you are interested in purchasing. It would be helpful to know the specific country for which you are interested in purchasing a driving license. Additionally, it would be helpful to have the specific code, if applicable, like code 95.

Privacy Guaranteed

 Additionally, we kindly request that you provide us with your personal information, which is 100 percent secure, to streamline the process. These factors determine the price of the driving license you need to purchase. Once you submit the requirements, one of our agents will provide you with all the necessary details. Apply for a driving license by clicking here to receive more information before buying. Buy your Canadian drivers license at a very moderate price.

Some Frequently asked questions about drivers license.

Can i renew my drivers license online? : can you renew a drivers license online

Renewing your drivers license online for example Canada drivers license, or wondering if can you renew a drivers license online is very possible with Genuine documents. It is very clear that renewing your drivers license, like the Canada drivers license, is time-consuming, coupled with a lot of paper work and some medical examinations as well. In this case, a lot of people find it difficult to renew their license. In cases of licenses being revoked, asking if can you renew a drivers license online or can i renew my drivers license online is a waste of time, as you can only get a new one with default information for another EU country.

Renewing your drivers license online with Genuine Documents Online is 100 percent possible, secure, genuine, and guaranteed without the client necessarily going to government offices or taking any medical examination in just 5 days, as we cover the stress for you with our diplomatic and bureaucratic connections.

can i replace my lost Florida drivers license online | Canada drivers license

The answer is yes again with Genuinedrivinglicense.com. please we understand there’s allot of questions your dying to ask just click on the link below or contact us via WhatsApp to get more information.
drivers license canada: drivers license Canada ORDER Now
can you have drivers license in two states? Click HERE for more detail information on can you have drivers license in two states?
 Canada drivers license: one of the most pressing request we have been having for more information on Canada drivers license click HERE
Can i renew my drivers license online? a yes it is , the question can i renew my drivers license online has been another pressing request for our customers. Click HERE to talk to a consultant. 
Can i replace my lost Florida drivers license online? Not only Can i replace my lost Florida drivers license online you can replace any other state or drivers license with us Click HERE to learn more on how.
where can i renew my drivers license? The question of where can i renew my drivers license keeps coming up, as it is still a yes with us, and for more detailed information, contact US now.
can you renew your drivers license online?
Can you renew a drivers license online?
drivers license Canada: A Prestigious piece of very important document Drivers license Canada. ORDER now

Apply For A Passport

Ordering a passport is similar to ordering a driving license, there are differences in the requirements when purchasing an original passport. First and foremost, a genuine passport should include biometric records, requiring the client to provide a fingerprint photo. Additionally, the client will need to specify the desired country of the passport and indicate whether they require a regular or diplomatic passport. Typically, we require the remaining personal information from the client. Order An Authentic passport today. 

Order ID Cards Online

For the processing and issuance of an ID card, it is essential to provide all the necessary personal information. Thus, it is necessary for a client to provide their personal details, and in certain instances, the names of their parents may also be required and we still ensure 100 percent data protection as it is one of our major responsibility in the business. Furthermore, a registered ID card will require mandatory biometric data. Therefore, it is important for ID card clients to ensure that they provide their thumb prints. Order and ID today.

Get Residence Permits Online

When purchasing a residence permit from our company, it’s important to note that the prices vary depending on the specific country’s residence permit you are interested in. In addition, the cost of residence permits will vary based on the desired duration of validity. Therefore, when applying for a residence permit, it is important to reach out to our agents and ensure that you provide accurate information. You will receive guidance on obtaining the most cost-effective residence permit. For assistance with obtaining a residence permit, please click on the provided link to get in touch with our agents. 

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