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Boat License

As sailing grows more prevalent in the world, you will be required to purchase a boat license from the government to enable you to sail the waters without fear or disruption from the authorities. If you do not have a boat licence, you will be stopped in the middle of a lake or river for inspections, which we can assure you from our experience is an embarrassing situation. 

That is why we ensure the boat license you buy from us is genuine and registered. We are aware that people who own yachts and boats have the best lives, but if you do not have a boat license, you will be stopped, arrested, and, in some cases, trialed and fined. This is something that we want to  change, so obtain your  boat license from us right away with a 100 percent secure sailing guarantee.


If your boat is longer than 15 meters or can travel at a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour (10.8 knots), you are required to have a sea license (coastal, sea card, etc.) at all times. However, regardless of the type of license you possess, there are no restrictions placed on the distance that you can travel. This is the reason we always ask how far you intend to sail.

Additionally, the International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC), which we are able to give you, is recognized as evidence of professionalism in the majority of waterways within the European Union and the Mediterranean. A person who possesses an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) demonstrates that they have had official training and are able to operate a vessel in international seas. You can also get a driver’s license as well as a boat license for other countries.

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