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Bulgarian ID Card

Obtaining Bulgarian residence and an ID card is a straightforward process for EU citizens. All that is required is the submission of their national ID or passport. The application process is simple and can be finished in just three working days, with the applicant needing to be present in person. 

This service is particularly advantageous for EU citizens who are interested in establishing tax residency in Bulgaria or who wish to assist their non-EU relatives in reuniting with their family.

Bulgarian ID card check

Contact us for your Bulgarian ID card check, and be sure of the validity of your document. Purchasing a document online does not guarantee that it is registered. with us at Genuine Documents, we do not only produce documents but also show live proof online. Feel free to reach out to us for your Bulgarian ID Card check

Advantages of acquiring a Bulgarian ID card and Bulgarian residence for European citizens

Having a Bulgarian residence permit and Bulgarian ID is essential for facilitating family reunification for your non-EU family members in Bulgaria and the European Union.
According to Bulgarian law, cohabiting couples are legally recognised as a family unit. 

We provide comprehensive support in helping couples obtain official cohabitation status, ensuring a smooth and successful process.
Getting a Bulgaria national ID card is necessary in order to qualify for tax residence in Bulgaria.

 You do not need to spend 183 days in Bulgaria to become a tax resident. Under Bulgarian legislation, individuals can establish tax residency in Bulgaria by meeting one of two criteria: either by residing in the country for at least 183 days per year, or by demonstrating that the centre of their vital interests lies in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian residence and Bulgaria national ID card ensure smooth visits to Bulgaria and other EU countries for British citizens following Brexit.

In order to exchange your driving licence for a Bulgarian driving licence, it is necessary to have a Bulgarian national ID.
Starting on August 1st, 2019, it is now mandatory for the director of a company to be a Bulgarian resident in order to open a company bank account. 

By acquiring a Bulgarian ID , you will be recognised as a resident of Bulgaria, making it convenient for you to open a bank account for your company.

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