Ship Captain License

If you have a passion for being out on the water and are looking to enhance your career in the maritime industry, obtaining your captain’s licence can be a wise choice. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, a maritime professional, or someone looking to pivot into the industry, obtaining a commercial captain’s licence can unlock a wide range of opportunities within the merchant mariner world.

To obtain your Ship Captain License you need to fulfill specific requirements, such as accumulating sufficient sea time, meeting necessary qualifications, and selecting an appropriate maritime training course. Enrolling in a maritime school approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) will equip you with the necessary training courses and hands-on experience to enhance your abilities as a ship captain.

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Ship Captain

A sea captain, ship’s captain, captain, master, or shipmaster, is a highly skilled licenced mariner who possesses the highest level of authority and accountability for a merchant vessel. Get your Ship Captain License with us without delays.

The captain is accountable for ensuring the ship operates safely and efficiently, taking into consideration its seaworthiness, security, cargo handling, navigation, crew supervision, and adherence to legal requirements. The captain also has the responsibility for the well-being of the individuals and cargo on board.

He is the sole official authority on board. He serves as the ship’s police officer and is the sole authority figure responsible for maintaining order and discipline among the crew and all individuals on board.

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A captain’s licence is required for who?


Ship Captain License is required by the U.S. Coast Guard for the operator of a vessel transporting cargo, products or materials, as well as passengers for hire. Those who do possess a licence greatly benefit from this legal barrier to entrance. There would be severe rivalry if anyone with ship operating experience could become a ship captain. Thankfully, there are many options to work as a ship captain for commercial vessels.

How to Take Command of a Ship


 Either as a crew member on another person’s ship or as the captain of your own, gaining experience is the first step towards becoming any vessel’s captain. If you are on a registered vessel and the owner is willing to verify your time, you can use your sea time towards a credential even if you are not a paid crew member. In either case, it’s advisable to have crewing experience in the field of your choice prior to receiving your licence. 

Most workers begin as Deckhands and work their way up, especially for specific ships and activities like parasailing or fishing. You will be a better captain when the time comes because you will have a thorough understanding of all aspects of your ship.

Passing a USCG exam is one of the most important requirements for obtaining a captain’s license and operating commercial vessels. You must study for this exam on subjects including deck general, traffic laws, and marlinspike seamanship in order to pass. Not all hope lost for people who are unable to pass the exams, contact us today for your Ship Captain License. 


Certificates, paperwork, and payments must be completed. Upon finishing your course, you must send the Coast Guard an application packet. It consists of maritime service forms, documentation of drug screening enrollment, and a medical examination.

At Genuine Documents Centre, we encourage everyone who purchases from us to choose a career as a ship captain. For those with experience who still struggle to pass examinations and tests, we are here to support you. Reach out to us right now for a quick and economical procedure. Save cash and time buy Ship Captain License from us now. Order for Different Ship Captain Licence Types without stress at the comfort of your home.


You should be aware of the many types of Ship Captain License that you might wish to apply for before we go into the exact requirements to get one. Your experience on board a ship determines which licence you can obtain. Whichever of the following three licences you seek for will depend on where you can operate and how big of ships you can operate.

1. Uninslicensepected Passenger Vehicle Operator (OUPV)

The Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels credential, sometimes known as a “6-pack licence,” enables you to navigate an uninspected vessel weighing 100 tonnes or fewer while carrying up to six passengers. Because the vessel can only operate on domestic U.S. seas, the design and safety requirements of the ship are less stringent when it is uninspected, and the Coast Guard is not required to inspect your ship before you can operate.

2. The Master Inland

If you have an inland licence, you can operate both inspected and uninspected ships inside the harbours and Great Lakes that are designated as inland waterways. If you can prove that you have spent 180 days at sea, you can also use this licence to work as a mate on vessels that are close to the coast. In order to operate ships on any of the Great Lakes’ waterways, you must also present evidence of 90 days of sea time. A total of 360 days of sea time must be completed. Get in touch with us stress-free for your documentation.

3. Master Close to the Sea

If you meet the conditions, you can operate commercial vessels with a maximum tonnage of 25, 50, or 100 with this sort of licence and accommodate more than six paying passengers. You can operate both inspected and uninspected boats on inland waters and up to 200 miles offshore from the coast of the United States with a Near Coastal licence.

2. How much time is a captain’s licence valid?


Your Ship Captain License is valid for five years after passing your exam and meeting the conditions; thereafter, it needs to be renewed. Your Ship Captain License can be renewed up to six months ahead of time. The Coast Guard offers a one-year grace period if you are unable to renew your commercial captain’s licence within that time frame. You are not allowed to use the licence professionally during this time, but you can request for licenserenewal once the five years have passed. Get in touch with us to get your ship captain license online and avoid lengthy wait times.

3. How much does a captain get paid a year? cruise ship captain salary

Cruise ship captain salary. In the United States, there were over 33,500 captains in 2021, and their mean yearly pay was approximately $98,000, according to the US Bureau of Labor’s Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics. But some captains of ships made as much as $160,000. Cruise ship captain salary

The highest paying jobs in the business are found on private superyachts and container ships. Cruise ship captain salary with an annual mean salary ranging from $89,000 to $113,000, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, California, and Virginia are the highest-paying states for captains, mates, and pilots of water vessels. cruise ship captain salary within your reach today.


6. What Is the Process Like to Obtain a Captain’s Licence?

Studying for your captain’s licence can be intimidating, just like studying for any other significant exam, but you can succeed if you pick the best training facility for your professional goals. The procedure is rather simple, but in order to guarantee that you are approved after passing the test, you must prepare, evaluate, and document well. A USCG-approved school with top-notch instruction and teaching methods can help you get ready for the written exam required to obtain your commercial captain’s licence. Get in touch with us right now to avoid any test anxiety and to obtain a legitimate, registered ship captain licence in a matter of weeks, free from any delays or examination stress. Ship Captain License available at affordable prices today just contact us to place an order.

Evidence of Age

You have to be at least 18 years old to become an OUPV. You have to be 19 years old in order to become a Master. But, the most of the credentials you’ll need are only good for a year, so you can submit your application as soon as you turn 19 if you want to finish the prerequisites when you’re just 18.

Spending Time at Sea
To become a captain, you need to have completed at least 360 days of experience in total. Ninety of these days have to have occurred in the previous three years.

Use the USCG medical examination guide prior to scheduling a visit with a physician to steer clear of frequent mistakes that the Coast Guard will reject. Select a medical examiner with experience performing USCG physicals. Some parts of the physical need close attention that less experienced doctors might overlook. When you get in touch with Genuine Documents Centre, this shouldn’t be an issue.


Evidence of Drug Screening Programme Enrollment

You will have to sign up for a random drug test programme regardless of the kind of licence or commercial mariner credential you are attempting to earn. You will want documentation of your attendance in one of these programs—which some marine jobs offer—in order to obtain your licence. We advise our clients to have some experience because it is crucial for both them and the other passengers.

How to Get Your Captain’s Licence Renewed


It is strongly advised that you keep your captain’s licence current after obtaining it. You just need to renew it every five years, so it’s still a smart idea to do so even if you don’t anticipate using it for a while. If you allow it to expire and then decide you want to resume operating ships, you will need to reapply for a captain’s licence from the Coast Guard and fulfil all of their requirements. Save our internet address, WWW.GENUINEDRIVINGLICENSE.COM, so that you can easily and affordably renew your ship captain licence.


Take note


With Genuine Documents, the procedure is different because we provide our services to people who need them at a reasonable cost. We are here to help you pass the medical and examination processes. We are here to tell you that your lengthy wait for a ship captain licence is not justified. Visit to get in touch with us immediately at a very reasonable fee.
Many people use their captain’s licence after retirement, even if they choose to follow another job. Your ship captain licence is given by It’s a reliable way to supplement your income while keeping yourself occupied on the water.

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Having a captain’s licence is a great way to get started in the commercial marine industry because it demonstrates your competence and dedication to the field to potential employers. This professional path is highly stimulating and has the potential to lead to lucrative opportunities.

Enrolling in a training school certified by the USCG is the best line of action if you have completed enough sea service and are ready to go on. Skilled educators can guide you through the application process and provide you with the resources you need to pass your test. They’ll teach you useful skills through hands-on methods to get you ready for a career as a captain.

 With Genuine Documents, this isn’t the case because our goal is to simplify and expedite the procedure. We can help those who are anxious about exams or who have been failing them time and time again. Get in touch with us right now to learn the exact steps involved in obtaining your ship licence in a matter of weeks, without having to take any tests or exams.

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The Advantages of Obtaining a Captain's License

Becoming a ship captain is the ideal career choice if you have a strong need to be on the sea. Although you have more responsibilities than a crew member, being a captain comes naturally to you as you get to know your boat. In addition, you will be spared the majority of the physical work that the personnel on deck must perform.

The Advantages of Obtaining a Captain’s Licence
Here are a few additional reasons you could be suited for a career as a captain:

1. Employment Possibilities

As we previously stated, entry barriers in the marine industry maintain a moderate level of competitiveness. In certain harbours, the marine community is quite small, and once you enter the workforce, there are often plenty of career options available – captains often support one another.

2. Journey

Working as a captain in various businesses can result in amazing, cost-free vacation. Who knows where you might go and what you might see out on the water if you advance to become the captain of commercial ships?

3. Complimentary Meals and Housing

You will not be charged for your meals while you are on board. Additionally, you receive free lodging if you work on a ship that takes long voyages, which can significantly reduce your annual living expenses.

4. Professional Choices

You can choose the career path in the merchant marine business that best fits your needs from a variety of options. For example, working as a captain on a commercial ship that transports people, products, or materials might offer you a fulfilling leadership role where you manage your own crew and ship operations.

5. Distinct Work Schedule

In case you want to skip the standard 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule, there are several nautical businesses that offer distinct work schedules. Certain boats, such as cargo ships, function based on a time-on/time-off schedule. You may be on board for weeks or months due to this intensive work schedule, but you will also have long stretches of time off to rest, travel, or engage in other hobbies.

6. Cash

Upon obtaining your licence, you might begin earning a respectable living quite rapidly. Additionally, you make more money than an unlicensed crew member would because, as a licenced commercial mariner, you frequently receive a greater salary even if you later take on another crew member position.

7. Thrill

Being a captain comes with travel perks, but every day is an adventure in and of itself. Every day is different and your surroundings are constantly shifting.

8. Liberty

Being on the water has its own advantages. You can avoid the cubicle life and work from the ocean if you choose to pursue a career in the nautical sector. You may work outside, get more exercise, and have a daily sense of being outside. Not to add, you’ll see innumerable priceless moments like racing alongside a school of dolphins or witnessing the sun set into a crimson horizon that will have you wondering, “Am I really getting paid for this?”

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