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The Italian residence permit is a valuable document that grants non-EU citizens the legal right to reside in Italy. The Italian Immigration Office will issue it to individuals who plan to stay in Italy for more than 90 days.

EU citizens can easily enter Italy by simply presenting their identity card, eliminating the need to go through the process of applying for residence permit.

If you plan on staying in Italy for more than 3 months, it is necessary to obtain a form of Italian residence permit, which is a legal document. According to the Italian immigration law, there are two categories of residence permits available: Temporary and Permanent. Each of them offers a range of advantages.

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You can place an order with the Genuine Documents Center. Work permits for residence in Italy In order to work in Italy, non-EU workers can get one of the following residency permits:

For employees in lower positions
The worker who entered the country with a work permit authorised by the local authorities (nulla osta al lavoro) and signed a work contract in Italy receives it from the Immigration Office. The residency permit is valid for the term of the employment agreement. For fixed-term contracts, it lasts no longer than a year; for permanent employment, it lasts no more than two years. It is always possible to renew it, though.

For independent contractors

It is issued by the Immigration Office to foreign employees who wish to work for themselves in Italy. With rare exceptions, it is nevertheless based on the quantity of work permits Italy issues annually in accordance with the so-called decreto flussi (the foreign workers’ quota).

For workers who are seasonal

It is given by the Immigration Office to the worker who entered Italy via a work permit permission issued by the local government and who signed a seasonal working contract there (nulla osta al lavoro).

This permit is valid for a maximum of nine months; however, it cannot be used for less than twenty days.

A multiannual seasonal work visa, however, can be requested from the Immigration Office by seasonal workers who can prove they have been coming to Italy for employment for at least two years in succession.

For research

The holder of this residence visa for study purposes is permitted to work up to 1040 hours per year as a subordinate worker.

The permit may also be changed into a work permit if the student is offered a job. For past holders of student permits who have finished their course, the same rules apply.

Regarding natural calamities

The Immigration Office may issue a residence permit in the event of a natural disaster that prevents the foreign national from leaving the country where they are required to return safely. The permission is good for six months, after which it can be extended if the disastrous circumstances persist.

due to familial obligations

The spouse, disabled children, and dependent parents (over 65 years of age) of the foreign national who currently possesses a national visa or residence permission will be granted this kind of permit.

Use our comprehensive guide to learn more about the family reunion visa.

To cultivate

The residence permit for fostering allows the foreign minor to work in all capacities as long as they comply with the Italian law’s requirements for compulsory school attendance up until the age of sixteen. The juvenile may request that the permit be changed to a working or study permit upon turning eighteen.

For international protection, political asylum, or interim humanitarian assistance

These kinds of residency licences are given out for particular uses and, more generally, they authorise work-related activities under strict guidelines.

For instance, those granted temporary humanitarian protection—such as the inhabitants of Ukraine—may be granted a residency visa for humanitarian purposes. This permission typically lasts six months and may be renewed for an additional six months after it expires.

Can i travel to Canada with Italian residence permit?

First, the question of Can i travel to Canada with Italian residence permit? has been occurring over and over, and we are glad to have not only been answering but also providing solutions to our clients without delays or waste of time. Italians are not required to obtain visa for travelling to Canada, but they will need to apply for an ETA. After the ETA has been granted, it remains valid for period of years from the date of issue or until the passport expires. It allows for multiple entries, with maximum stay of 180 days per entry.

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Can i travel to UK with Italian residence permit?

The pressing question today is can i travel to UK with Italian residence permit? Permesso di Soggiorno is the term used to refer to a “residence permit.”. This document is essential for your extended stay in Italy. Although a passport or visa is not sufficient, you will still need a valid passport to travel to the UK. Additionally, depending on the country that issued your passport, you may also need to obtain a visa. 

Typically, (can i travel to UK with Italian residence permit) it is not possible to travel outside of Italy or within the Schengen Area with just the receipt of your permit. There is one exception to this rule: traveling back to your home country. In order to travel with the renewal receipt of one of the mentioned permits, it is necessary to be travelling to your home country.

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