Spanish Drivers License

In Spain, a driving licence is a recognised document that grants individuals the authority to operate motor vehicles.

Since Spain is a part of the EU and EEA, Spanish driving licences are considered European driving licences. They comply with Directive 2006/126/EC and remain valid across the entire European Economic Area.
Spain has 3 different types of documents related to driving: the driving licence (“el permiso de conducir”), the driving permit (“la licencia de conducir”) and “el permiso de circulación”, which is specific to the vehicle rather than the driver. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like more information or are interested in purchasing an authentic Spanish driver’s licence today.

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Drivers license in Spanish

It is necessary for all drivers to have the document on hand and carry it whenever they are driving. Nevertheless, it is acceptable to make a photocopy of the original document (if appropriately certified) or the Spanish national identity card. It is necessary to present it to the authorities upon request. If the document has been issued in Spain, it will be valid throughout the European Union.

Driving documents have a set expiration date, and once it is reached, drivers are required to renew them by taking an aptitude test. This test ensures that they are still physically capable of driving, similar to the one taken when initially obtaining the documents.

Spanish drivers license test

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 In order to obtain your Spanish driving licence, you will be required to complete two separate exams: a theoretical exam and a practical exam. Exam on theory: The theoretical test includes 30 questions in English that must be answered within a 30-minute time limit. In order to successfully pass the exam, it is important to limit your mistakes to a maximum of three.

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The price of the counterfeit Spanish driver’s licence is always much lower than that of the authentic one. If you wish to drive in Spain, it is important to obtain a valid Spanish driver’s licence and have the freedom to drive.

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