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In Bulgaria, individuals can obtain a driving licence, which is a governmental right granted to those who apply for a licence in their desired category. It is necessary for all types of motorised vehicles. For different types of vehicles, there are specific minimum age requirements to obtain a driving licence. Motorcycles require a minimum age of 16 years, cars require a minimum age of 18 years, and buses and cargo vehicles require a minimum age of 21 years. Contact us now for any legally registered category of Bulgarian drivers license of your choice without exams in 5 days at most.

Purchase a legitimate Bulgarian driving license from Genuinedrivinglicense.com. Every Bulgarian drivers license holder is also given a second document called a control card (контролен талон). The product is crafted from high-quality blue paper, meticulously filled in by hand, and carefully stamped. When a driver receives a fine for a road violation, the authorities take the counterfoil and replace it with a breach act (акт за нарушение). The driver is allowed to continue driving for a specified duration, as mentioned in the document. The cheque counterfoil will be returned once the payment for the fine has been made.

Starting in 1999, the format of the Bulgarian driving license was updated from a pink booklet to a more compact credit-card sized card. The pink booklet has been in use for several decades, and as a result, the driving licence is informally referred to as “шофьорска книжка” in Bulgarian.

Buy Bulgarian Drivers license

It is possible to purchase a Bulgarian driver’s license online and put it to use without encountering any difficulties at traffic controls. The submission of an order on this website will allow you to acquire a valid Bulgarian driver’s license through the use of the Internet. 

To add insult to injury, we consistently provide the most competitive pricing for authentic Bulgarian driver’s licenses. In addition, the fact that we are able to give you a genuine Bulgarian driver’s license in a relatively short amount of time separates us from the competition. In addition, we offer driver licenses for the European Union to citizens of other nations. Contact us now for more information before purchasing.

Most of those who buy a genuine Bulgarian driver’s license online from us are almost always purchasing a category B license. This is the most common type of license used and purchased from us. It is crucial to take note of the fact that the majority of drivers in the European Union receive a category B license, which is the most important license as we have noticed based on how many we ship out and the bulk commands we get for it. The Bulgarian category B license will grant you the authority to operate any autos and vehicles, with a maximum capacity of nine people. When it comes to the delivery of your Bulgarian drivers license, we will send it to your address through the use of a courier service. Buy any Bulgarian drivers license category of your choice without exams in just 5 days.

Genuine Bulgarian Drivers license

Genuine Bulgarian driver’s licences are available for purchase from our Website, and we will also supply you with a Bulgarian driver’s license that is of good standard. In light of this, you are free to utilize your newly acquired Bulgarian license in any location of your choosing. In addition, if you buy a genuine Bulgarian driver’s licence from us, we send your information to the database of Bulgarian Transport system so that it can be registered.

 Our services include not only the registration of your Bulgarian driver’s licence in a database, but also the provision of assistance in the event that you experience difficulties with psychological or substance testing.
Additionally, to ensure that your original Bulgarian driver’s licence is entirely recorded and genuine, is our job to verify that you are not subject to any suspensions. Consequently, we will handle any licence suspensions that take place at your expense with our services.

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