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British Columbia Drivers License

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A brief summary of licencing regulations in British Columbia

British Columbia implements a graduated licence system to effectively mitigate the risks encountered by new drivers. To obtain a full driver’s licence, drivers must complete two stages before they can upgrade to a full licence. This highlights the importance of Genuine Documents, as not everyone has the luxury of time to go through the lengthy process of obtaining a complete licence.

Get in touch with us now if you’re facing challenges with your driver’s licence, such as suspension or struggling to pass the test and practical exams. We can help you save both time and money. There are three components to the assessment: a written exam and two road tests. This system is specifically designed to provide ample hands-on experience for novice drivers, allowing them to gain confidence and skills before driving independently with minimal restrictions.

We strongly recommend that our customers possess a solid understanding of driving principles in order to prioritise safety for themselves and other road users. We kindly request that all our customers adhere to all traffic and driving regulations in order to avoid the suspension of your driving licence by the authorities. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.

Below are the three levels of driver’s licences in British Columbia:

1. Obtaining a learner’s licence

The learner licence, also known as “Get your L,” is the initial step towards becoming a driver in B.C. Applicants must meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old, and those under 19 years old must have a parent or guardian sign the application. After successfully completing the multiple-choice knowledge test, you will be granted a learner’s licence, which allows you to practise driving under the supervision of a licenced driver for a minimum of 12 months. Afterwards, you can undergo a road test and progress to the next stage.

This type of licence comes with a wide range of restrictions, including:
Simply attach a magnetic, red “L” sign to the back of your car as you drive
It is important to have a responsible and experienced driver in the passenger seat who is aged 25 or older and holds a valid full licence.
No alcohol or drugs detected in their system. Only one additional passenger allowed with a supervising driver.
Avoid driving during the late night hours from midnight to 5 a.m.
Devices that can be held in the hand are not permitted.

2. Beginner’s licence

Now, let’s move on to acquiring a novice licence, commonly referred to as “Get your N”. To obtain a novice licence, passing a 45-minute Class 7 road test is required. Preparing for the road test involves taking professional driving lessons and gaining ample driving practice as a L driver in various road conditions. The test will evaluate your skill in maintaining safe and controlled driving.

After successfully completing the Class 7 road test, you will be granted a novice licence, granting you the legal ability to drive independently.

Certain restrictions apply, including:

Make sure to prominently display a reflective green N sign in the back of your vehicle while driving.
Absolutely no alcohol or drugs detected in your system
Only one passenger is allowed, except for immediate family members who are exempt.

 Alternatively, a supervising driver who is 25 years or older and holds a full licence can accompany the driver. Handheld electronic devices, including Bluetooth or voice commands, are not permitted for use in any capacity, whether it be connecting to an in-vehicle audio system or utilising GPS. Calling 911 is the only exception in case of an emergency.

3. Complete licence

Obtaining a full Class 5 driver’s licence is the last requirement in B.C.’s graduation programme. After two years of safe driving as a novice driver and successfully completing the Class 5 road test, you will be eligible to apply for a full licence.
If you have successfully completed an ICBC-approved driver training course during the L stage of your licence and have met all other requirements, you may be eligible to take the Class 5 road test after 18 months.

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The 45-minute Class 5 road test evaluates your driving skills, including vehicle control, merging and highway driving, parking, and hazard awareness.

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Buy British Columbia Drivers License

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