Norwegian Drivers License

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Norwegian Drivers license

It is important to note that Norwegian driver licences are generally required in Norway, as many EU driver licences may not be accepted. Having a Norwegian driver’s licence is necessary in order to do so. Acquiring one is relatively straightforward for citizens, but poses more challenges for immigrants and individuals without adequate documentation. In order to legally operate a motor vehicle, it is necessary to successfully complete both the theory and practical exams.

Order Norwegian Driver Licence without exams. In Norway, driving lessons and obtaining a licence can be quite costly. You may need to pay an amount ranging from 25 to 30 thousand in the local currency to cover the fees. Even if you successfully pass the exam, you will be granted a temporary licence for a limited duration, which may be subject to revocation. Genuine Document Centre can help you obtain a licence without any hassle. No driving lessons or examinations are required! Order your driver’s licence and purchase a genuine Norwegian driver’s licence from

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