Buy Delaware Drivers License

Delaware Drivers License

Having a driver licence is mandatory for operating a motor vehicle on public roadways in Delaware, and it is essential to keep it with you at all times. Obtaining a Delaware driver licence is mandatory within 60 days of establishing residency in Delaware. Child restraints, seat belts, and helmets for motorcycle operators are mandatory in Delaware.

When you apply for or keep a Delaware driver licence or identification card, you are required to surrender and cancel any other state-issued driver license(s) and/or identification card(s) that you have previously received. If you receive a new DL/ID card from another state in the future, your Delaware DL/ID card will be cancelled.

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Requirements for Production and Registration: 

  • Your photo
  • Your Signature on a white piece of paper
  • Your ID card, front and back
  • Your address for production and delivery
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