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Green Light Law

The Driver’s Licence Access and Privacy Act, also known as the “Green Light law,” was passed on June 17, 2019, and will become effective on December 16, 2019. All New Yorkers age 16 and older are eligible to apply for a standard driver licence or learner permit, regardless of their citizenship or lawful status in the United States. This applies to non-commercial purposes and is not limited to federal use. Discover valuable insights on the process of obtaining a learner permit and driver licence in accordance with New York State’s Green Light Law. New York state drivers license

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New York Drivers License

Order New York state drivers license. The latest New York driver’s licences feature a modern and sophisticated design, along with advanced security measures. These products are designed with enhanced security features to prevent tampering and counterfeiting. The design features detailed line patterns and iconic images that capture the essence of New York, including the Statue of Liberty and the state outline. Buy your genuine New York state drivers license without exams.

One of the most impressive features of these new licences is their compliance with REAL ID requirements. Beginning May 3, 2023, a REAL ID-compliant licence will be required for domestic flights or entry into specific federal buildings without a passport. This is part of a comprehensive initiative to enhance security measures throughout the entire country. New York drivers license renewal can be done from the comfort of your home as you contact Genuine Documents to assist you with your New York drivers license renewal.

However, it’s important to note that obtaining a REAL ID is not mandatory. You can still renew your licence as a regular one, which is suitable for driving, voting, and other similar activities. Will no longer be sufficient for air travel after May 2023.

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So, the latest driver’s licence from New York State? A modern and cutting-edge design is essential, along with adhering to federal regulations and security. New York drivers license renewal available. 

Can a foreigner get a US driver's license: rules for non-citizens

Buy New York Drivers Licence. Firstly, Yes, if you are lawfully present as a non-US citizen in cases where you lack adequate documents or means, contact You can apply for a state ID or driver’s licence in many states. All your documents must typically have the same name and date of birth or a strong association between documents. Its a complex process but is here to help you eliminate:

  • Stress free process 
  • Receive you package at the comfort of your home
  • No exams nor tests are needed
  • No office or paper work
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Affordable pricing and very friendly customer service.

Real Drivers License Without an Exam in 5 days .

Buy New York Drivers License .A driver’s license ( New York driver’s license ) is an official document . often plastic and the size of a credit card . permitting a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorised vehicles . Such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or bus on a public road.

Despite its Complex process in getting the license we can assist you at get an Authentic New York Drivers License in just 5 days without need for any exams enjoy:

  • Freedom of secure mobility with no trouble from the authorities.
  • Apply and get delivered at the comfort of your home
  • Enjoy the Flexibility of running around with your personal car and license. Buy New York Drivers License 

Where to Apply for a fake New York driver’s license online .

Do you live in the USA and need a Real or Fake New York Driver’s License ? offers an easier way to obtain High quality Real New York Driver’s License . Here, we give you the opportunity to save your time from driving classes and tests. We give you the best opportunity to buy a real and fake New York driver’s license . In the USA at the best price . best fake driver’s license for sale .

Get New York Driving License. Nowadays, having a drivers license in very costly .The cost of a driving school in this country can go up to $1,000 and yet there is no 100 percent guarantee of getting a successful result, is here to give you exactly what you paid for without putting you through stress or any exams..

Buy Drivers License Online in the USA to save time and money. Here , you are neither required to pass road tests nor have to pay for lessons. All you need to do is apply for a US driver’s licence online, choose a class of the permit, and let us do our part. Get New York Driving License

New York drivers license replacement

New York drivers license replacement If your driver’s licence or learner’s permit has been stolen or lost due to a crime, you can obtain a replacement with Genuine documents online Contact us now. Your new licence will be delivered to you within approximately 5 business days. 

You have the option to conveniently track the mailing status online. If it has been over 2 weeks since you renewed, please get in touch with us. New York drivers license replacement

We will send it to the mailing address currently on our records or an alternate address you provide. If you need to verify or update your address, you can find instructions on how to do so here. Your New York drivers license replacement is secure with Genuine Documents.

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